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Play Schools in Noida

Looking for the best preschools in Noida? Look no further, as Maple Bear has its roots spread across some of the finest locations in Noida. All offer great transport links and convenience.

  • Out of 130+ schools within South Asia, Noida houses 8
  • Maple Bear not only provides the best preschool in Noida but also has daycare and elementary school.

Our Locations In Noida

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Sector 62, Noida

Address: C 56/ A3, Sector 62, Near Stellar IT Park, Noida – 201301
Tel: +91 8510 887 744

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Sector 45, Noida

Address: Chandra Kartik Foundation, KH 68, Near SDA Block, Sector 45, Noida – 201301

Tel: +91 9870 553 444/888

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Sector 122, Noida

Address: PKA – 14, Adjoining Long Life Hospital, Sector – 122, Noida
Tel: +91 9999 280 335

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Sector 135, Noida

Address: WA-61 C, Wazidpur Village, Near Shivalik Bank, Sector 135, Noida – 201305
Tel: +91 7838 022 277

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Sector 141, Noida

Address: Plot No. SH- 44, Sector 141, Opposite Blossom County Sector 137, Noida – 201305
Tel: +91 8447 884 099

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Sector 1, Noida Extension

Address: Plot No. 775, JS Road, Behind Stellar Jeevan, GH 03, Sector 1, Greater Noida West, Noida Extension 201309
Tel: +91 7217 820 317

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Delta 3, Greater Noida

Address: NS – 30B, M-Block, Delta-3, Greater Noida – 201308
Tel: +91 9560 509 959

Maple Bear Canadian School, Gamma 1, Greater Noida

Address: NS-18 A, Sector Gamma-1, (Opposite Dr.Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital) Greater Noida
Tel: +91 8130 230 361

How Is Maple Bear the Best Play School in Noida?

  • We happen to be among the best play schools in Noida because of our unique learning approach based on Canadian methodology and curriculum.
  • We don’t follow the traditional ways of theoretically force-feeding knowledge. Instead, we practice a practical approach to learning.
  • Maple Bear simply aims at making learning fun and this is why we follow a play-based approach.
  • We provide students an immersive, bilingual education methodology and curriculum that is devised by our very own team of Canadian experts,
  • We hustle to maintain ourselves in the league of the best play schools in Noida by making sure we are providing quality learning at all education levels.

  • Key Highlights

    • Maple Bear maintains a healthy and hygienic environment.
    • Moreover, we have nutritiously managed meals for all children
    • Safety is our supreme priority and we make sure that our campus is secured through CCTV monitoring.
    • We have well-structured classrooms that look vibrant and come fully equipped according to the child’s need.

    • Why Choose Maple Bear Nursery School In Noida?

      • Simply because the education provided in nursery schools, Noida helps the child in developing abilities and skills for the next stage.
      • The learning techniques generally focus on enhancing motor skills and communication. Our nursery schools in Noida are spacious built buildings well-furnished and perfectly equipped with tools and materials for sensory play and observations.

      • What makes Maple Bear Daycare schools in Noida, unique?

        • Maple Bear daycare is generally referred to as ‘Bear Care’ and is just the most home-like place for your child but with a wide scope of learning.
        • We believe that an infant is a capable and active learner. Unlike other day care centers, our Maple Bear daycare schools in Noida emphasise much more on early stage learning that involves aspects like observation, scheduling and timing.
        • Everything at our daycare schools in Noida is well maintained within a safe, secured and stimulating environment.

        • Enroll your child us, the best Canadian preschool chain in Noida.

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