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COVID-19 has resulted in schools being shut all across the world. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Maple Bear At Home is an online programme being run by Maple Bear Canadian Pre School & Elementary in South Asia. Over 3000 students are actively engaged in our online classes.

The Online classes involve active engagement and interaction between the student and teacher on a daily basis. Classes have been prepared with the curriculum of the children in mind involving a regular repetition of earlier work and new learning through games, activities, read alouds and active work on projects involving math, science and language.


  • Familiarity and comfort for the child with Online Learning
  • Learning through Play and Self Discovery
  • Social Interaction
  • Discipline & Routine Formation

    I have seen the quality of mentors, and it is very nice as a parent to trust the kids are learning from quality people.

    Lalit Koshti, Father of Himansh

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    Learning is centred around and through

  • Games & Activities done to understand abstract concepts of math, science through patterns, shapes etc.
  • Language skills to support learning English and vocabulary through rhymes and story telling
  • Read Alouds to encourage creativity and imagination along with language
  • PromotingIndependence through activities which emphasise self help
  • Social Interaction
  • Introducing Concept of Community & giving back
  • Physical health through exercise, yoga and dance

    Maple Bear curricular program is modeled upon best practices in Canadian education. It is also based on strong values and principles of learning.

  • Our program is designed to educate the whole child – physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. Maple Bear encourages an environment where risk taking and self-expression are valued.
    By providing flexibility and variety in our classes.
  • Maple Bear provides rich, stimulating experiences that encourage the creativity and imagination.
    Through the interesting online discussions and through creative activities that challenge and engage students but do not overwhelm them. We want our students to feel that they are capable and competent learners.
  • Maple Bear places a high priority on immersion strategies
    By continuing to have interactive communication with our children in the virtual group sessions. We encourage them to use English as much as possible when talking with friends online.
  • Maple Bear places a high priority on Language Arts and in particular the development of a love of reading.
    By reading daily to them using storybooks or the websites that offer books online.
  • Maple Bear provides programming that is relevant.
    By providing real life problems and situations for our children to explore in their discussions.
  • Maple Bear provides a rich and stimulating program that encourages creativity, imagination and self-expression.
    We encourage students to clarify and ask questions, ask them integrate ideas from their previous experiences, by having them explore and experiment with their environment, by encouraging their unique ideas and by providing them with the strategies that will encourage creativity.
  • Play is important for learning.
    By encouraging children to manipulate and explore with real objects which are easily available at home. We also ensure that the activities we give our children are activity based and engaging.
  • We have a World Class Education that is designed to engage, challenge and involve students in their learning. We engage children actively, in meaningful tasks, with consistent support and sincere encouragement.
  • National Education Policy


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