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I have seen the quality of mentors, and it is very nice as a parent to trust the kids are learning from quality people.

Lalit Koshti, Father of Himansh

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great inspires.”
– William Arthur Ward

I can actually experience the above mentioned after having seen the total dedication and commitment shown by the teachers of Maple Bear school. Ayrah’s parents are indebited to the selfless culture and enthusiasm portrayed by the staff. The teachers try to bring out the brilliance out of all the kids be it science or math and teaching these major subjects to them in itself is so challenging. The teachers specially devise easy ways to teach such difficult concepts which is really appreciable. Thank you and please keep up with the great and noble work of teaching

Parents of Ayrah

At the outset I would like to thank the teachers for the efforts they are putting to Educate our kid. It is not easy to teach small kids online but you all made it possible by inducing variety of activities and giving personal attention to our kid, she feels engaged and enjoys learning new things. We are glad that her learning curve still continues even in this unprecented times.

Big Thanks to Maple Bear Team

Parents of Fariha Khan

Truely speaking till now its a really challenging task for me to let Adwit sit for the online classes. But I do appreciate from my heart to the teachers who patiently teaching my child. My son is learning new things through different activities and I feel happy and amazed sometimes when he use the new terms that he learnt in the class.

We are Happy and proud to be a part of Maple Bear family.

Parents of Adwit Kahali

Earlier we thought that it would not be feasible for small kids to sit in front of screen for a long time and hence this idea of online classes will not work. But with every passing day we saw our daughter developing interest towards studies. She is learning new concepts on regular basis. This idea of online classes has led to overall growth of our child. We feel proud to be a part of this Maple Bear Family.

We wish all the success and happiness to entire team of MAPLE BEAR.

Parents of Harvi Sudan

Dear Ma’am, The concept of online classes is really great initiative during this difficult times. Moreover it is very interactive and engaging. We as parents would like to extend our gratitude towards MB staff for keeping all the patience in teaching our kids and clearing their basics. Keep doing the great work!!

Parents of Sarthak

It is a privilege for having such an awesome pre school in Chandigarh . he can study in any school in the world , great service, awesome facilities, and great atmosphere for the child to grow inan environment where English isn’t taught but taught in English.

Parents of Rohini

As always , we Amba’s parents feel the effort put in by Maple Bear School and Ms. Ruhani to design a pedagogy and deliver it is the thung that keeps the children happily engaged in class and willing to learn. The teachers patience with each child and her conscious effort to identify where each child does well and can do better are crucial to early learning and development as is the freedom to explore and learn on ones own. Wed like to see Amba keep learning intelligently and with sensitivity thanks to her teacher and her school

Parents of Amba

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