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Play Schools in Kanpur

Hello Parents! Stuck in the quest of finding the best preschool in Kanpur?

Well, not any more. Enroll your child with Maple Bear Canadian preschools offering the best play, nursery and daycare programs in the Kanpur region.

Our Locations in Kanpur:

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Lakhanpur, Kanpur

Plot No.169, Opp. Gayatri Park, Lakhanpur, Kanpur 208024
Tel: +91 9598 055 302/05

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Fazalganj, Kanpur

123/789, Fazalganj, Kanpur – 208012
Tel: +91 8303 613 276

“Prepare your child for a global future with our best preschool in Kanpur”

What makes Maple Bear Play School In Kanpur Unique?

  • Maple Bear is the best learning play school in Kanpur. We blend learning with play and make it fun and interesting for students.
  • With the best of Canadian curriculum and methodology we offer a different approach to education altogether.
  • We practice the unique concept like ‘free-play’ in our everyday education. This means our students learn, when they want to learn and what they want to learn. We simply create an environment that ignites interest to know from within.
  • In our classroom no perspective is wrong, it is only different. We appreciate our students for thinking differently.
  • Our Kanpur preschool schools are best at providing an immersive style of learning which involves experimentation, observation and other practical approaches.
  • Maple Bear provides bilingual education that helps children in improving their fluency. We believe it is essential to make them ready for the global future.
  • But wait, there is more…

    • We are health focused & provide hygienic environment
    • There is nutritiously managed meals for your children
    • All our campus are safe and secure with full CCTV surveillance
    • To sum up, we provide wee structured classrooms that has a stimulating environment

    • Why Is Maple Bear Kanpur Play School Best For Your Child?

      • Maple Bear happens to be the best Kanpur play school which aligns your child’s play with learning.
      • A unique technique of making learning fun. Free-play is at the heart of all our Kanpur play schools and happens to be the best for early childhood learning.

      • Why is Maple Bear, Kanpur Nursery School Best For Your Child?

        • Maple Bear considers that at a young age the child’s mind can be influenced in a positive way by observations, games, storytelling and practical experiments.
        • Our Kanpur nursery schools are best aware of these teaching concepts which tend to instil in children a passion for lifelong learning.

        • Why is MB Kanpur Daycare School Best For Your Child?

          • Our daycare schools in Kanpur consider an infant as a capable and active learner and we treat him likewise.
          • Our belief in infants is what makes us stand aside from every other school.
          • We provide infants a stimulating environment and with simple techniques of scheduling and timing, we work towards developing their mind at an early stage.