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Maple Bear Playgroup Schools

A playgroup school is a comfortable place for every child, generally seen as a space where all kids come together to play. At Maple Bear we just add a hint of learning to the contemporary style of play making sure they learn while playing.

What Makes Maple Bear Playgroups Different From Others?

Maple Bear playgroups assure excellence on the following factors-

  • Wellness – Health focused and hygienic environment
  • Infrastructure – A well-maintained infrastructure that is secured by CCTV monitoring
  • Environment – Our playgroup space for kids is safe and stimulating to ignite creativity, imagination and self-expression
  • Locality – All our schools operate in a safe and sound surrounding with easy access to transport and necessities

  • Playgroups play a vital impact on a child’s life. This is where they learn to socialize and learn together informally on a regular time basis.

    What Makes Maple Bear Playgroup Schools Unique?

    • Canadian curriculum and methodology
    • The concept of play based learning that assures learning within a playful surrounding
    • Bilingual education to prepare students for a global career
    • Nutritiously managed meals for all children
    • We operate according to the latest play group standards for kids, thereby our centers are fully equipped with all the necessities to keep them entertained while learning

    • What is Pre-Nursery & Nursery Playgroups Like?

      • Nursery playgroups are more focused on the child’s abilities and skills. Learning provided at this stage is a little different from that provided to toddlers. It is more dependent on observing, experimenting and the teaching techniques are more immersive and practical than play-based
      • Pre-nursery schools facilitating playgroups make sure that kids indulge in free play which allows them to learn simultaneously but nursery playgroups are more focused on concepts building

      • Playgroups are best for kids as they open opportunities for unstructured learning through play and Maple Bear guides them even better by igniting in them the passion for lifelong learning

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