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Where to Begin

  • 3000 sq.ft. – Minimum Space Required
  • Rs. 15 Lacs & above – Initial Investment

Elementary School (Grade 1 to Grade 5) is also available

Benefits to a Maple Bear School Owner

Start Up and Local Experience
  • Support, with a proven track record for success
  • Academic plan review
  • Business Plan review and detail scrutinizing
  • Advice on site selection, building, design and finishing.
  • Review designs and layout of Center.
  • Facilitating for recruitment of Center Head and assisting with all teaching staff.
  • Reduced procurement costs, for all items and furniture.
  • Provide Website, Emails platform and server as well.
Curriculum and Academics
  • Access to a detailed turnkey curriculum developed to reflect the very best in Canadian/International education practices and methodology.
  • Access to regular updates and improvements to curriculum, delivery of the academic program, school policies and administrative practices through a proprietary intranet site.
  • Access to sound and well developed afterschool and unique programs like English Plus programs, Day care, Moms and Tots, summer camps.
Branding and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Campaign.
  • E-marketing campaigns
  • Website and email support
  • An Established set of guidelines for the Brand and marketing collateral
  • Pamphlet, Leaflet, Poster, Roll Up, Banner, Stationery Designs, Form, Print Based Advertising Concept Design, Event Invite Design
  • Headline Copy, Imagery, Merchandise ideas, Print Management, Media Management
  • Centralized Procurement of all of the above.
Operational Material and Guides
  • Detailed manuals and guides to start and operate a school from design parameters and fit up to comprehensive school practices and policies.
  • Intranet based and upgraded regularly.
  • Customized Maple Bear Business Solution software.
  • Initial Academic and non academic training during start up.
  • In-person training, observation and coaching and on-line support as needs dictate.
  • Access to the best Canadian expert led workshop locally once a year.
  • One Annual training on Updated Policies and procedures as well as curriculum and all other operational issues
  • Year-round support, and guidance from our resident Academic Director & team.
Quality Control
  • Annual Quality Assurance visits to maintain school performance, and regular Quality control Audits.

Contact Details

For Franchise,call us at +91 8882 088 218 or

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