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Find the nearest Maple Bear nursery school for your child and give him the best of Canadian education for a global future.


  • Maple Bear houses more than 130+ nursery schools at present across South Asia. Majority parents prefer finding nursery school nearby. Why?
    • Mainly because proximity to a nearby nursery school gives a sense of security to parents, psychologically. Moreover, they can rest assured of the locality and definitely it cuts down that extra travel cost.
  • We made sure that our locations have easy transport links and operate in a convenient surrounding so that in case even if it is not your nearby nursery school, it is still accessible to you.

  • What Makes Maple Bear Nursery School Unique?

    • Canadian Curriculum and Methodology
    • Play based approach and immersive style of learning
    • Safe, secure and stimulating environment that encourages creativity, imagination and self-expression.
    • Bilingual education for a global career
    • Health focused & hygienic environment
    • Nutritiously managed meals for all children
    • Well-structured classrooms that is fully secured by CCTV monitoring

    • “We assist you in finding your nearest nursery school”

      Nursery Admissions for Maple Bear

      • Maple Bear caters to two different categories

          Pre Nursery Schools
          Nursery Schools>
      • You can simply apply for pre-nursery or nursery admission click here

      • For more information on nursery or pre nursery admissions, kindly call at +91 9599 129 031 or contact at