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Maple Kindergarten! Where concepts of Maths and Science come with a perfect blend of learning and play.

Why Maple Bear Nursery Kindergarten (3.5 years and above)?

•    Children need to learn to make connections with the past experience and current learning.

•    Integrating topics with skill development will help the children make sense of the world and their learning.

Why Maple Bear Senior Kindergarten (4.5 years and above)?

The knowledge and skills that children acquire by the end of Kindergarten, along with positive attitudes to learning that children develop in these early years, form the basis of effective learning in the later years.

How is Maple Bear Kids Kindergarten different?

•    Maple Bear Kindergarten schools are different from others as we believe that the child is both a risk taker and mess maker! We don’t judge him for being wrong, instead we appreciate him for thinking differently.

•    We know that at this age everything excites him and he is a confident doer and go getter

•    Unlike other pre-school kindergarten we don’t try to rush their childhood. We facilitate their pace to align it with their growth.

•    The child’s mind craves action and he needs to play, move and explore in order to learn.

•    all, the children at kg schools are not as grown-up as some people might take them to be. At Maple Bear, we understand that and treat them likewise.

What is learning at Maple Bear KG School like?

•    Our KG schools have a greater emphasis on teaching the child how to write and develop concepts for math, logical reasoning and science, all in a playful way.

•    Maple Bear preschool kindergarten approach is not ordinary. We take teaching to a whole new level by providing practical learning methodology and techniques within a classroom space.

•    Concrete objects/materials and manipulatives are used to introduce maths in a fun way.

•    Simple math symbols such as +,-,+ are made familiar by stories, games and fun activities.

•    We make sure they learn to relate to situational problems in a more natural way, with the goal of solving them.

•    Also, we aim at breeding the ground for young scientists as we begin by teaching through observation. The process involved experiments that have physical and chemical changes with appropriate classroom setting and teaching equipment.

•    At Maple Bear preschool kindergarten, we aim at making them question, predict, plan, observe, record, interpret and draw conclusions.

Still not convinced? Well, here comes more assurance!

•    Kids Kindergarten at Maple Bear grooms children to know everything that is to come.

•    The child becomes curious, confident, independent, creative, flexible and develops analytical skills for a global future ahead.

•    Moreover, all of our activities and learning initiatives are all taken in a safe and secure environment within our spacious kindergarten schools built according to the contemporary standards.

•    Kids at kindergarten experience the atmosphere of bilingual learning that helps them in improving their fluency.

•    Maple Bear nursery kindergarten is undoubtedly the place for your child to kick start his journey to success.

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