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Looking for a kids play school near your locality? Well, Maple Bear brings you the best play schools for kids in your city. At present, we have more than 130+ preschools for kids across some of the finest locations of many cities across South Asia.

“Little kids deserve the best of Canadian education at an early age and Maple Bear’s play schools assure that at all levels”

Programs Offered At Maple Bear Schools-

  • Daycare
  • Play school
  • Nursery
  • Kindergarten

  • What Makes Maple Bear A Great Play School For Kids?

    • Curriculum and Methodology devised by our very own team of Canadian experts
    • Play based learning approach for kids in school in order to balance learning with play
    • Immersive techniques and unique teaching styles that involves experimentation, observation and a more practical approach
    • Well-structured classrooms that provide stimulating environment within a safe and secure space
    • Bilingual education to prepare students for a global career
    • Health focused & hygienic ambiance
    • Nutritiously managed meals for all children
    • We operate according to the latest play school standards for kids in order to provide a student-focused growth

    • Kids Nursery At Maple Bear

      • Kids nursery at Maple Bear is a place for your child that helps in building a positive attitude and enhances the individuals learning styles.
      • The space provides varied stimulating and enjoyable experiences in order to make learning fun.
      • Our kids nursery comes fully furnished and equipped according to the contemporary needs of the child falling in the age group of 2 and a half years and above

      • Kids Daycare At Maple Bear

        • Our kids daycare is more modern in its approach as we treat an infant as a capable and active learner
        • We see him as an already competent learner and accordingly work towards developing his abilities through scheduling techniques that best suits him.
        • Unlike other daycare for kids, we provide more than just care-taking facilities, by giving them early stage learning in ways they behave and react.

        • Kids Kindergarten

          • Our KG kids fall in two different categories; Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten
          • Kindergarten for kids is where they develop a sense of the world through past experiences and current learning.
          • The knowledge at kids kindergarten goes on to form the basis of effective learning in the later years
          • We make sure that our efforts yield in positive and productive transformation of the child for a global career ahead.

          • For more information about Maple Bear preschool for your kid, call at +91 9599 129 031 or contact at