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Maple Child Care Center, the second best home for your baby!

Maple Bear South Asia has various schools offering day care center facilities. We call it ‘Bear Care’, an infant day care that is also the most ideal place for an infant to develop early stage learning.

We take the concept of childcare nursery to another level by treating an infant as an already competent learner. Accordingly, we take all the necessary measures to provide them a healthy overall transformation and growth.

Home to Whom?

Maple Bear creche school is home to infants from 6 weeks to 24 months of age.

What kind of learning is the infant exposed to?

The children at bear care are made accustomed to early stage learning that has nothing to do with teaching content or lessons. Instead, with exceptional day care facilities and services, the child is encouraged to explore, play, discover and practice in ways, and on schedule that best fits his or her emerging abilities, interests and skills.

Early Stage Learning, Why?

Unlike other child care centers, our Bear Care Infant Program holds a different approach altogether. We believe that the infant is a capable and active learner and thereby we treat them that way.

Early Stage Learning, How?

We follow consistent and predictable routines with few transitions, and a good amount of time for repetition and practice. We don’t go out of the way as we understand schedules work the best only when arranged in accordance with the needs of the infant.

But wait, there is more!

• Maple Bear infant day care center follows smooth methodology that takes place without haste or urgency.

• Our general day care services and facilities go hand in hand with a safe learning environment that opens the world of exploration and discovery to the child at an early stage.

• At baby day care, we have appropriate toys to cater to different stages of an infant’s development. Ranging from crawlers, to almost walkers and finally walkers.

• Furnishing and spaces are all according to the standards most suited for contemporary childcare nursery.

• Not to forget that Maple Bear highly values parents and child’s bond and strives to make it even stronger by providing transparent communication.

• We also prioritise daily communication between parents and program staff to make sure they are well-aware of their child’s well-being at all times.

Maple Bear’s day care center is the perfect place where your child feels like home within a safe and secure environment. We make sure that our children develop a stronger sense of learning and grasping power. All our efforts are directed towards providing a stimulating environment so they are well prepared for the next level. Moreover, at the heart of Maple Bear child care centers is the satisfaction of parents. That is why we conform to a continuous flow of interactions with them on a daily basis. Unlike other creches, we are truly unmatched with our passion to provide infants with care and learning at an early stage.

No kidding, we have raised the bar with our kids day care centers! And we don’t disappoint.

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